Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chapter 2

"Hi, I'm Melody Cullen" she said smiling. Jon smiled when he heard her name, he wondered if she knew who he was, if she didn't he would be glad. "I'm Jon" Melody looked at him oddly, "What are you a hooker or something? What's your last name?" she gave him a breath taking smile, "It's just Jon" he said with a laugh. They gazed into each others eyes for a moment. It was one of the moments that Jon never wanted to end. Melody was the one to look away first, the old man called her. Jon grinned to himself as he watched her walk down to the man.

He couldn't believe that he had just met the woman of his dreams, literally. He was smiling like a fool, but he didn't care. He really couldn't remember the last time a woman or anyone, apart from his children, made him feel so happy. He hadn't felt this way since he first met Dorothea, but this time there was something more in the way he felt. He couldn't describe it, all he knew is that he had never been happier in his life.

Jon's phone started to viberate in his pocket. A picture of Dorothea came up on the phone. Jon groaned, he really didn't want to talk to her right now. But what if something bad has happened one of the kids? Jon sat looking at the phone ring for a moment, he finally decided to answer it. "Hello? What's wrong? I'll come back when I feel like coming back can't a guy have some time to think?" Jon said hanging up on her. He instantly felt very bad for wht he had said. All she was doing was checking to see if he was okay. "Hey Melody...would you like to go ut with me to dinner tomorrow?" he asked, then remembered he had a concert. "I can't..I have to go to a Bon Jovi concert, my niece loves them, to be honest I wouldn't know him if he walked through the door" she laughed. Jon was glad that she didn't know him. "Obviously you wouldn' does lunch sound?" Jon said winking at her. She smiled "Lunch it's my number, ring me and tell me where to meet you" she said writing her number down. Jon put it into his phone straight away. She leaned on the counter smiling at him, he was smiling back. Then remembered Dorothea. "I got to go, I'll see you tomorrow" Jon said. Melody looked at the clock "I have to too, my shifts over" she said coming out from behind the bar then going through a door.

Jon walked slowly to the elevator. When the doors opened he got in, he was the only one in here. That made him happy he hated riding with alot of people he didn't know. "WAIT FOR ME!" someone shouted, Jon looked through the doors that were now closing, he saw Melody, he pressed he button for the doors to open. She ran in.

Jon looked her up and down, she had changed. She was now wearing a tight pair of jeans, which made him look at her brillant ass, she was wearing a tight V neck top, showing some cleavage, and she was wearing black boots that came up to her knees. She smiled at him, he realised he was smiling too. "Hello again" he said gazing down at her. Melody leaned in and french kissed him. Jon hooked his fingers in the waistline and pulled her closer, he kissed her back.

Then the doors opened. Jon pulled way quickly. They both got out, Melody winked at him then turned down where he was about to go. Jon walked down to go to his room. Melody stopped at the door across from his, she got out a key card and opened the door. Jon stared at her. For the past week she was across the hall. Melody nodded at him to come in. Jon couldn't help but follow.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter 1

Jon sat in his hotel room playing his guitar. It was a beautiful yet depressed riff that he had come up with years ago, but would never use in a song because it was too personal. He wanted no one to ever know about the riff. This was probably the only thing in his life that was just his, not his fans, not his childrens, not his parents, not his brothers,not his wifes, just his. Well he would share it with her if he ever had the chance. Afterall it was about her. At first he thought it was about his wife, Dorothea, but after a few years he realised it wasn't. He wrote many love songs that were inspired by this woman. He needed to meet his muse. He would know when he met her, he would look into her eyes and he would know.

There was a loud knock on the door. Jon set his guitar down and walked over to the door. Well this was a surprise. Of all people to come to his hotel room this late in the night, he didn't expect his wife to come. Usually it was him that was out late and her in their hotel room waiting for him to come back. She said she would be back at nine at the latest, it was now twelve. Jon looked down, she was carring a dozen bags, all with major designer labels on them. Spending his money again. He didn't really care, hell he had enough of it. "Romeo's sleeping in our bed, I.." Jon began then saw the look on his wife's face, "JON! HE'S ONE AND A HALF! HE COULD SMUTHER!" Dorothea said running into their room. Jon rolled his eyes "I'm going down to the bar!" he said slamming the door.

He hoped there wouldn't be a crowd down in the bar, or if there was that he didn't attract any attention. Luckily when he went into the bar there were not many people, and none of them took a second look when they saw him. He went over and sat at the counter. The bartender was female, she was talking to an old man at the other end of the counter. Jon buried his head in his hands and listened to the song that was playing on the jukebox, it was Bruce Springsteen, The River.

A voice intrupted his thoughts, the voice had an irish accent but with a hint of English and American. "Hey, what can I get you?" the voice said sounding close. Jon looked up and saw the bartender, he studied her face. She was beautiful; she was pale, full lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, wavy brown hair that fell nicely at her shoulders, Jon looked in her eyes. His heart felt like it had just stopped beating, then it raced inside him. "Are you okay hun? You look like you've just seen a ghost" she said. He certianly had seen a ghost, her eyes were the ghost. The ghost that had haunted him for so many years, the ghost that lead him to write his riff, the ghost that inspired so many songs. "Yeah...yeah I'm brillant" Jon said smiling at her. "Good, so what can I get you?" she asked returning the smile. Jon scanned the shelves behind her to see what he fancied to drink. He needed something strong, but not strong enough that he'll have a hangover tomorrow. He really didn't need a hangover if he was playing a gig, though it wouldn't be the first time it would have happened. Then he spotted something, a bottle of Petit Verdox. "I'll have the Petit Verdox" Jon smiled at her again, she turned around and got the bottle off the shelf. "Glass or bottle?" she asked, "oh lord I think I'll need the bottle" Jon lughed, she laughed too.

She came back with one glass and the bottle of wine. Jon raised an eyebrow. "Where's your glass?" he asked, she seemed shocked by this, but then smiled. "I didn't think I was welcomed" she said looking down at his wedding ring, Jon looked down aswell. He didn't know why he still wore it, the marriage finished years ago. They only stayed together for the kids. Hell if Dorothea was dating someone else, he could too. Jon pulled the ring off his finger and put it in his jeans pocket.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello, my name is Isabella.
I'm a big Bon Jovi fan, have been all my life.
I've read other Fan fic's and they inspired me to start my own one.
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